Access people and vehicles

The need to establish increasingly controlled ways of accessing our environment, has forced us to perfect different ways of carrying out these controls

OFFLINE controls

  • Devices access no software required
  • Do they work with batteries
  • Proximity card identification, fingerprint or PIN number
  • Configuration from mobile
  • Remote control possible

ONLINE controls

  • Access devices connected a la red.
  • Remotely, we can control each door the access.
  • Grant or suppress permissions from anywhere
  • Openings and information online from anywhere.

Vehicle access control

  • To the modalities that the control of access of people has (OFFLINE y ONLINE), vehicle access For parking lots or complexes, they can also be installed with I send the tag remotely Reading.
  • In addition, we install variety of barriers, automatic chains and any of the multiple access systems that exist on the market.