Access control from mobile

We already have the first installations of access control systems for hotels underway, Rural houses, holiday homes, etc, through bluetooth, fingerprint, pin code o card/keychain proximity.








Fully controlled from the Android or iPhone mobile application, the program allows us give access to users through a pin code What can we send them by message?, permissions to their mobile phone so that with the application they can enter through bluetooth, or giving them a card, as well as registering your fingerprint, If necessary.

And all this can be done remotely, from anywhere via mobile. Furthermore we can:

  • Open the door from anywhere
  • Delete the block an user
  • See the accesses of the users
  • Know how the batteries
  • Modify passwords remotely
  • Grant permissions by way of temporary or permanent
  • Also for only one access
  • and configure access times by days of the week, hours, etc.
  • All of this for access by any of the methods
  • We can also have a presence control