Complete access control with PIN code reader, MiFare and Bluetooth cards with APP for I0S and Android and optional fingerprint reader, high precision and speed, allowing the use of
any of the systems.
Luminous LED screen that is activated by proximity of the hand.

Possibility of remote control of accesses and openings with the connected WIFI gateway.
Sending remote access codes by message to give users access.
Permits per hour, day, by cycles or permanent. Also includes safety key for emergenciescias and interior lock.

Material: Aluminium alloy
Protection: IP65
Lock with emergency mechanical key
Indications by digital screen and configurable lights
Suitable for door thickness: 30-120mm
Operating temperature: -30° a 60°
It works with 4 AAA alkaline batteries with more than 18 months of normal use
Door type: Wooden door, steel door, aluminum door
Battery duration: 10,000 locking and unlocking times